Gluten Free Friendly

                                    Breakfast on the run

Your choice of coffee, tea or hot chocolate,

with a freshly baked roll and croissant or

brioche, with butter, jam and honey.  $7.50

                               Supplements to breakfast:   

Fresh Orange or Feijoa Juice   $3.50

Tomato juice   $3.00

Fruit Smoothie (Banana or Berry)   $4.00

Dairy Free Smoothie   $4.50

Piccolo of Lindauer Brut (200ml) $8.00

Megawatt’s own Muesli with

yoghurt or milk   $4.50

Fresh fruit salad with yoghurt   $5.50

Plate of sliced cheese & ham   $5.50

Brioche, Bagel, Croissant or Pretzel, served

with butter & jam   $3.50

Side order of two Nürnberger sausages   $4.70

Side order of bacon or mushrooms   $3.50

Side order of Kransky sausage   $3.50

                                 You can also choose from our wide pastry

                                and cake selection from the display cabinets

(A surcharge of $2.00 applies to displayed “Take Out” prices,

when food is ordered for consumption on the premises)

Please remember to advise our staff of any

  dietary allergies and whether you require

Gluten Free food, since we also have

non G.F. food items on our menu.



Cooked Breakfasts:    (until 5pm)

High Energy Breakfast 

A vegetable frittata with “Bircher Müsli”, homemade baked beans and a glass of fruit juice.  (Can be dairy free!)   $13.50

The American

4-pancake stack served with maple syrup or chocolate sauce             

 and whipped cream.   $9.80

The English 

Two fried eggs with bacon, hash browns and grilled tomato, served with

 toast & butter.   $11.40

The French

Three-egg omelette with ham, cheese and mushroom filling, with French bread and croissant, served with butter & jam.   $13.30

The German

Scrambled eggs, with fried “Speck” and a Nürnberger sausage, served with  a roll, a Pretzel & butter.  (Speck = smoked & air-cured bacon)   $13.00

The Japanese

A low cholesterol breakfast with grilled fish, glazed in Teriyaki sauce, steamed rice, Miso soup and pickles.   $13.80

The Jewish Lox ‘n Bagel

Megawatt’s home baked bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, alfalfa sprouts, finely sliced onion, tomato and hard-boiled egg.   $10.80

The Kiwi

Two fried eggs with a lamb chop, fried mushrooms, bacon, grilled tomato  and baked beans. Served with toast.   $14.30

The Spanish

“Tortilla con camarones y patatas” – Potato and shrimp frittata, served with tomato salsa & white bread roll.    $13.00

The Swedish

Smoked salmon and potato omelette with dill & beetroot, served with     

 sour cream and rye bread.   $14.30


Goulash soup

Hungarian national soup with diced beef, paprika and potato.

Served with a bread roll.   $6.50

Fish soup Sétoise

A puréed fish soup from the South of France, served with sauce Aioli, grated cheese and croûtons.   $7.50

Soup of the Day

Please check the blackboard for today’s choice, served with                         

a bread roll.   $6.50

Parmentier  A puréed potato and leek soup, based on a vegetable stock and garnished with garlic croûtons.   $6.00

Lentil soup  A hearty, brown lentil soup, cooked with vegetables, smoked ham bones,  potato and served with slices of Frankfurter sausage and bread roll.   $7.00


                                                   Salads & Light Lunches

‘Assiette Garnie’  

A plate of selected vegetarian salads from our display cabinet served  with garlic bread.   $11.50

Salade Mistral’  

A mixed green salad with a blue cheese and anchovy dressing, with croûtons, olives and grilled pieces of spicy chicken.   $14.50

‘Salade Pêcheur’

Fisherman’s salad with lettuce, tomato, broccoli and red onion, tossed with  fresh seafood in a cocktail sauce dressing.   $16.00

Provincial Farmers Salad

Mixed salad with bacon, vegetables, feta cheese, potato and olives, tossed  in aioli vinaigrette and served with garlic bread.   $14.50

‘Frankfurter Kartoffelsalat’

German potato salad served with a pair of Frankfurter sausages

and a Pretzel.   $11.50

Straßburger Wurstsalat’

A rustic salad, made from Lyoner sausage, cheese, onions and gherkins,  dressed in white wine vinaigrette, served with bread.   $13.50

Smoked Salmon Gratin

A galette of potato and smoked salmon, cooked with cream, capers and dill, gratinated with Parmesan cheese.   $13.00

‘Ragout Fin de Poulet’

Chicken and mushroom in a white wine velouté, served on rice in a warm

 vol-au-vent and salad.   $13.00

Shrimp Creole 

A delicious dish from New Orleans cooked with tomato and fish stock, with herbs and spices, served on rice.   $14.00

Nürnberger Rostbratwürste

Two fried sausages with sautéed potatoes, mustard and salad.   $13.00

Smoked Kransky

A fine textured beef & pork sausage with chunks of pork blended in, cooked   in the oven, served with ‘Sauerkraut’ & parsley potatoes.   $12.00

Quiche and salads

Please choose your quiche and salads from our display cabinet.  $11.50

Quesadilla a la Plaza’

The Mexican version of a vegetarian calzone, with salad. (Like a folded pizza, made with a flour tortilla)   $14.00

‘Chile con carne’

Our chilli is pungent, cooked with beans and served with sour cream, tomato salsa, grated cheese and flour tortillas.   $12.00

To ensure variety for our regular customers, we offer “Plat du Jour” (Specials)

as advertised within the restaurant.


Megawatt Desserts

Please choose a dessert from our display cabinet, served with cream and accompanying sauces   $7.50

Please remember to advise our staff of any

  dietary allergies and whether you require

Gluten Free food, since we also have

non G.F. food items on our menu.